Agatino Romero

Agatino Romero





Agatino Romero Agatino Romero

Vilnius, Wondersala

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Agatino Romero has gained widespread popularity with his hit song "Pedro," which has been well received by listeners. This song has become one of his best-known works and contributed to his recognition on an international level. Romero's unique musical style and emotional manner of performance have attracted many fans.

In Riga, in Wondersala, Romero's performance will be a special event, it will be a great moment for Latvian fans to hear his hit "Pedro" and other popular compositions live.

Renginio organizatorius: ULTRA EVENTS SIA

Organizatorius adresas: Centra iela 14, Ceraukstes pag., LV-3901, Bauskas,

Organizatorius kontaktai: +371 29247731 /