PREMIERE: LUNGS | dir. L. Vassos

PREMIERE: LUNGS | dir. L. Vassos


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"Lungs" - based on the highly acclaimed play by the British playwright Duncan Macmillan. Play is presented for the first time in Vilnius.

It’s a bold, absurdly entertaining and lifelike true play that in the actors' lips revives as a private dialogue between a couple. An emotional modern love story examines personal and global conflicts, encompasses the most important stages of life, joys and shocks.

A young couple begins to plan a baby, but their relationship is accompanied by instability dictated by a quick rhythm of life, desire, and at the same time fear of committing or making responsible decisions when becoming parents. They are thinking about the future - not only about the child's, but also about the planet's. Couple ask each other questions when, how, why and even whether it is worth bringing a new life into a world that is already suffering an ecological crisis and a rapidly growing population will soon reach the threshold of 8 billion? Is it possible to wait for the right time for children? How to learn to accept huge responsibility and grow a virtuous, responsible person? And how many more trees should we grow to help the planet?

The characters in the play "Lungs" make choices and try to understand their behavior in an unpredictable world. They want to control and transform the world, but the circumstances "fall" upon them and, instead of creating something and taking action, they barely manage to react to the unexpected. How two flawed but profound characters in the play will be able to resolve this conflict leading to personal and, at the same time, global happiness?

This tragicomic creation does not condemn, but offers an unexpected approach to current problems. It presents facts and points of view, but does not tell you how to think. It is encouraged to go into personal moral ideals and find answers to what is "right" for you.

“We're good people, right?”


Director: Luca Vassos

Actors: Ainis Storpirštis, Gabija Siurbytė

Lighting designer: Pijus Vasiliauskas

Composer: Monika Sokaitė

Scenography and costume designer: Simona Davlidovičiūtė

Manager: Lina Morkūnaitė


PREMIERE - 2022 January 18, 19, Arts Printing House, Vilnius.


The project is funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

The performance is part of the program.


Ainis Storpirštis

Gabija Siurbytė

Duration: 2 hours

Door opens before: 30 min.

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: Menų industrija, VšĮ

More information: NO.

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