Premiere. Jan Fabre. THE NIGHT WRITER.  Director  Jan FABRE

Premiere. Jan Fabre. THE NIGHT WRITER. Director Jan FABRE


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Translated from Flemish by Birutė AVIŽINIENĖ

The Lithuanian National Drama Theater has begun collaboration with Jan Fabre, one of the most interesting and versatile contemporary artists.

In October, Lithuanian viewers will be presented with a sketch of this artist’s performance “Night Writer”. The performance is based on real facts from Jan Fabre’s life. “Night Writer” is a performance/self-portrait. At night, a world-famous Belgian interdisciplinary artist, playwright, director, choreographer, and designer Jan Fabre writes and draws, and his personal diaries absorb thoughts on art and theater, the meaning of life, family, sex and love, his entire history – from a man in his twenties living in a province of Belgium to a mature world-famous artist. Excerpts from the diary intertwined with excerpts from Fabre’s plays (“The Reincarnation of God”, “I am a Mistake”, “The Emperor of Loss”, “The King of Plagiarism”, “Body, Body on the Wall”, “I am Blood”, “History of Tears”, “Drugs kept me alive”) are at the heart of the play’s dramaturgy.

“Night Writer” will be embodied by Martynas Nedzinskas. This actor of the Lithuanian National Drama Theater intends not only to reveal Fabre’s autobiographic facts and his way of thinking, but also to preserve the power, energy and beauty of the author’s literary style.

A sketch of the performance will be shown on October 9, 10, 11, and in the spring of 2021, it will premiere on the stage of the new LNDT Small Hall.

On October 10, at 1:30 p.m., a meeting with Jan Fabre will take place at the literary festival Open Books held at the Applied Art Museum.

Troubleyn/Jan Fabre receives grants from the Flemish Ministry of Culture and the City of Antwerp


Jan Fabre (b. 1958 in Antwerp) became famous in Belgium and abroad as one of the most interesting and versatile contemporary artists. For his versatility, he has been called by some critics the “da Vinci of our time.” Over the past few decades, he has become famous as a performance artist, sculptor, painter, theater director, choreographer, opera maker, set designer, and playwright. Whatever the sphere of art Fabre is involved in, he strives to cross the established boundaries. At the center of his performances is a living, changing human body. The artist’s creative work explores the theme of metamorphosis, and his expression is often inspired by dreams and the world of animals, especially beetles. Fabre’s multifaceted work, which actively appeals to the consciousness of the viewer, has earned him the name of a controversial and scandalous artist. 



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Organizer: Lietuvos nacionalinis dramos teatras

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