LIVE: Leadership conference „Perseverance: Opportunities Multiply When Seized“

LIVE: Leadership conference „Perseverance: Opportunities Multiply When Seized“


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Perseverance: Opportunities Multiply When Seized


The 5th annual leadership conference, organized by Lithuanian female Rotarians, goes international this year. Inspiring presentations at the conference will be given by world-renowned speakers from USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Estonia, Sweden, Taiwan, Uganda, Iceland, Lithuania and other countries from different corners of the world. If you can’t join the live broadcast specifically on Friday, May 21, 2021 evening, you will have the opportunity to view all conference recordings through a private key-protected access at a convenient time until July 1, 2021.

Reflecting the current landscape, the conference sets out to cover a wide range of topics: essential leadership qualities and their development, how perseverance is understood in different cultures, remote work practices, successful experiences in creating equal opportunities, as well as cultivating an inclusive and creative culture and mindset. Participating speakers will draw empowering stories from their personal experiences.

The conference program will consist of the following thematic sections:

- “I’M POSSIBLE, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING: perseverant mindset and leadership traits, enabling to discover new opportunities even in the face of maximum uncertainty and resistance”

- “STRENGTH LIES IN DIFFERENCES: the concept of leadership, perseverance and successes in different cultures around the world"

- "CREATIVITY IS INTELLIGENCE, HAVING FUN, AND THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT: inspiring stories on inclusive & perseverant culture and mindset building, unleashed creativity, continuous improvement, a state of innovation and flow, bringing seamless results"

Join us to hear truly inspiring speakers from around the world sharing their advice and ideas on how to find multiple opportunities in the turbulent world, how to lead by example, maintain perseverance and grit, build inspiring culture in remote settings, keep learning, enjoy chaos of life by getting into a flow state, move through life creating meaningful change with an ease and grace, challenging the norms so that everyday we can be better as a species, better version of ourselves.

Our goal is to give you a unique opportunity to hear inspiring ideas from global bestselling authors and leaders in a variety of fields, often present or formerly first in their field. We hope that the abundance of ideas from around the world will provide refreshment after a prolonged winter quarantine and spring inspiration to discover new opportunities in a new reality of your life and business.

In the first part, the inspiring businessman from Malaysia, currently living in Estonia, Vishen Lakhiani, who has repeatedly taken the first place in the world book charts, will share lessons learned from “Buddha and the Badass”, and how to combine those different traits. In the final session of the conference, interesting talks will be crowned by the premiere of the new book “The World of Creativity” by Fredrik Harren, a world-renowned professional speaker, Swede living in Singapore. We hope to surprise you with a few other names, awaiting their final confirmations.

The conference is also designed to mark a unique event in the global Rotary International community: for the first time in 118 years of history, Jennifer Jones, a Canadian, became the President-Nominee for 2022-2023, which is already a true inspiration for women and girls around the world. This weekend we will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the world's first women's Rotary clubs Klaipėda "Aditė", the 10th anniversaries of Šiauliai "Harmonija" and Mažeikiai "Liberta" Rotary clubs, and the 8th birthday of Klaipėda Rotary club "Queen Louise", as well as wrap-up the upcoming completion of the term of office 2020-2021 of Viktorija Trimbel, the first female Governor of the independent Lithuanian Rotary International district, on June 30, 2021.

We hope to add a few more impressive world-renowned speakers to the program. Follow the news at




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Duration: 5 hours

Free entrance for children: NO (under 3 years old).

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: Rotary International Apygarda 1462, asociacija

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