„Godot has come“ / Theater Office Natori (Japan)  /  „TheATRIUM“ 2021

„Godot has come“ / Theater Office Natori (Japan) / „TheATRIUM“ 2021





„Godot has come“ / Theater Office Natori (Japan) / „TheATRIUM“ 2021

Klaipėda, Klaipėdos dramos teatras, Teatro g. 2


Author M. Betsuyaku

Directed by K. Kiyama

Set designer M. Ishii

Costume designer A. Higuchi

Light designer M. Sakurai

Composer H. Ide

Assistant director K. Ogasawara


Cast Y. Yoshino, G. Mori, M. Matsumoto, T. Washisu, S. Yamaguchi, J. Arai, C. Hashimoto, A. Miyauchi, M. Suzuki, M. Ohashi


Performance in Japanese with Lithuanian and English subtitles. (Translated into Lithuanian by Diana Gancevskaitė)


Duration: 1 h 40 min (without intermission)


Premiere: 2012


Theatre Office “Natori” is a production company headed by Toshiyuki Natori, producing theatrical plays, contemporary dance, film and other performances. During two recent decades it has produced a series of Ibsen’s plays, clear interpretations and innovative expressions of actuality of Ibsen’s modern plays. These productions have been highly acclaimed in Japan as “a new Ibsen”. 2010 the Office is organized the first International Ibsen Festival Tokyo, which was a great success. In 2009 Theatre Office Natori started another production series – a selection of modern Russian plays in cooperation with Maly Theatre in Moscow. The same year Natori started collaborating with Minoru Betsuyaku, one of Japan’s foremost playwrights. “Godot Has Come” is the third production of Betsuyaku’s play.

Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot” is one of the most significant drama pieces of the 20th century. It’s characters are as though hanging in time, imprisoned in waiting for some Godot. As though meeting him would bring some purpose to their existence. And here we have an answer to the question tormenting European civilization – what will happen, when Godot shows up, unexpectedly reaching us from Japan.


NOTE! Spectators who have purchased discounted tickets upon entering the auditorium MUST present a document proving their eligibility for the discount.



M. Ohashi

M. Suzuki

A. Miyauchi

C. Hashimoto

J. Arai

S. Yamaguchi

T. Washisu

M. Matsumoto

G. Mori

Y. Yoshino

Duration: 1 hours 40 min.

Door opens before: 1 hours

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: BĮ Klaipėdos dramos teatras

More information: NO.

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