Festivalis Cirkuliacija

Festivalis Cirkuliacija


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International contemporary circus festival„Cirkuliacija: biographies“
May 30 - June 16, 2024
 Vilnius | Kaunas | Šiauliai | Tauragė | Elektrėnai | Naujoji Vilnia | Lapės

The upcoming international contemporary circus festival "Cirkuliacija" is more personal than ever. This year's theme is biographies, aiming to tell personal stories of performers in various contemporary circus languages. While "Cirkuliacija" has always encouraged getting to know the artists, this year's performances invite a deeper exploration. The program will showcase the wide vocabulary and variety of expressive tools that circus can employ to tell its own story. Growing this year, the festival will present a special program featuring three world premieres from Finland, Croatia, and Lithuania, as well as performers from Mexico, France, and Italy.



Organizer: Teatronas

Organizer address: Šeškinės g. 21-48 Vilnius 07153 Vilnius

Organizer contact information: +37060614370/ nkgteatronas@gmail.com