Frequently asked questions

It is a club that unifies the most active visitors of events. The benefits of being a member of CLUB :
• you will take part in the pre-sale – you will be the first ones to purchase the tickets in the best places;
• you will purchase tickets at the best prices;
• the most active members will get valuable prizes;

If you want to become a member of TIKETA CLUB, you have to do the following:
1. Log in / register to the website;
2. In the page “My Account“ press the button “To become a member of TIKETA CLUB and fill in the registration form.

A ticket is your agreement with the event organizer and TIKETA. Always familiarize with the rules on the other side of a ticket.

Electronic ticket is the one purchased via the Internet by visiting TIKETA website. The implemented system of e-ticket provides the possibility to purchase a ticket in the website and to pay using “Visa” and “MasterCard” system cards, electronic bank systems and print it personally using a simple printer.
In order to secure e-ticket’s safety, confirm payment on time and avoid other disruptions you can purchase e-tickets no later than 1 hour 30min. before the start.
Usually you have to pay for the tickets within 2 hours!

You can reserve tickets by the Internet – so called electronic reservation (e-reservation). In order to book tickets using e-reservation one must become a registered user of TIKETA on the website

A. Ticket reservation through the Internet.  
Internet reservation is valid for 2 hours. You can pay for the reserved tickets via the Internet or in any TIKETA box-office. If you paid for the tickets through the Internet you must have a printed e-reservation document when you pick up them in the box-office.
• There will be only sector and row indicated on the e-reservation page. You will see stars (*) instead of seats.
• E-reservation must be exchanged into usual tickets within two hours in any TIKETA box-office.
• You can pay by credit card only in box-offices situated in “Avia Solutions Group” arenas. All the other box-offices accept only cash.
• You will not be able to get to the event having only e-reservation.
• You cannot reserve the tickets through the Internet if only three hours are left till the event.
• Reservation cannot be divided. For example, if you reserve 4 tickets to some event, you cannot purchase only 2 reserved tickets. If you want to change the amount of the reserved tickets you have to make a new reservation.
• If you have any questions or problems please call (+370 5) 219 5634.
6.  What are the ways to pay for e-tickets?
You can pay for e-tickets using internet banking systems of nine main banks operating in Lithuania and “Visa” and “MasterCard” system cards (if the banks provide the possibility to pay through the Internet). Besides you can print the preliminary invoice and pay in any bank in Lithuania. The aforementioned invoice must be printed within 12 hours after making the reservation.

You can pay for reserved tickets:
1. If you made a reservation by telephone – pay and print in any box-office of TIKETA.
2. If you made a reservation through the Internet – after submitting e-reservation page and giving your mobile phone number pay and print tickets in any box-office of TIKETA.
3. If you made a reservation through the Internet – pay through the Internet and pick them up in any box-office of TIKETA. In this case you must have a printed e-reservation page.

Usually the reservation made through the Internet – for 2 hours. If the reservation was confirmed it cannot be cancelled. Then you just wait till the expiration of reservation and it will be cancelled. You can make a reservation again to the same event.

Off course. You have to tell the number that was used for reservation or provide e-reservation page to the employee at the box-office.

The system chooses the best available seats automatically in your chosen sector in one price category. If you need more seats side-by-side you should contact Direct Sales Manager Akvilė a by e-mail

Yes, e-tickets in the TIKETA system are secure. Their security is ensured by unique two-dimensional bar codes that help to identify the tickets and enable them to be used only once. It is forbidden to make copies of e-tickets in order to ensure their security.

The following taxes can be applied in TIKETA system:

Service tax – applies to every ticket, and it may vary:
Service tax consists of:
•  the expenses of bank operations – every bank operation is taxable. The fee for paying by credit cards via the Internet is paid to the bank. A transfer tax is applied for using electronic banking systems;
• expenditure on ticket system maintenance – we continuously maintain, renew the ticketing system and ensure your ability to purchase tickets from any place at any time.

Ticket reservation tax – 1,45 Eur for a ticket

“Avia Solutions Group“ Arena tax – 1,20 Eur for a ticket;
“Cido” Arena tax – 1 Eur for a ticket;
“BMW Club” tax – up to 6 Eur for a ticket (for non-members of BMW Club, willing to purchase tickets in 101 – 104 sectors, 6 - 19 rows);
Besides other taxes set and/or applied by UAB TIKETA and /or third parties can be applied (information regarding these taxes can be provided in a description of a specific event).

Tickets can be returned only if the event was cancelled or its date has been changed. You can return tickets to the same box-office where you bought them. E-tickets can be returned only by logging on to the website

When the money for the ticket or e-ticket are returned due to a cancelled or postponed event, all additional fees are also refunded.
NB! The organizer of the event is responsible for the return of tickets. He can either authorize the ticket distributor to return the money to buyers or to return the money directly.

If you want to purchase tickets on behalf of a company you must do the following:
I. Register /log in to
II. Fill in company’s details in the page “My Account“ category ”Companies “and press “Save”.
III. If your company is a new customer in TIKETA system, please contact our customer service department by (8 5) 219 5634 or e-mail You will be granted an opportunity to create a preliminary account and pay for the tickets using a bank transfer in 24 hours.
IV. Choose the desirable tickets and continue shopping.
V. While continuing shopping on the upper right corner of the browser (next to the clock) you should see name of the company on which behalf you are buying. If you want to change the buyer, that is buy on behalf of a company or as an individual press the arrow on the right (next to the clock) and choose a buyer.
VI. Next you have to put a tick on the right if it is the right company and you need an invoice.
VII. After paying for the tickets you will find your invoice on page “My Orders” by pressing active link named “Invoice” under the total amount of a purchase.

1. To access your e-tickets, you need to log in to your user account. Enter into your browser and click on the Login button on the top left corner of the website.


2. Enter your login data and click on your username on the top left corner.


3. Select TICKETS/ PURCHASE HISTORY from the menu option on the right.


If you cannot find your tickets in the Purchase History, please contact us by e-mail at When contacting us, please indicate the e-mail address you used to log in when purchasing the tickets and attach a copy of your payment order.

1. Please check that if you are using the same e-mail address that you used to signed up at


2. If you still cannot log in to your user account, please contact us by e-mail at and provide your login data.

Business hours (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM):

1. Please note that additional booking fee applies to each ticket when purchasing tickets from a personal manager.


2. Please contact us by e-mail at When contacting us by e-mail, please indicate the event, its date and time, the number of tickets you would like to purchase, and you contact details. We will get back to you in one business day.

For more information on cancelled or rescheduled events, please visit

1. You can also contact TIKETA box offices for more information on cancelled or rescheduled


2. If you have purchased e-tickets for cancelled or rescheduled events, please log in to your user account at and return your tickets using the appropriate ticket purchase history menu option.


3. If you have purchased your tickets at a TIKETA box office, you can only return them at the same box office where you made the purchase. Please have your tickets at the box office to get the refund.


4. For more information on ticket returns and refunds, please contact us by e-mail at

1. For more information about an event, please visit


2. Please note that you can download the TIKETA app to your smart phone to get detailed information on all events, special offers and more.

TIKETA gift cards can be exchanged into tickets at by choosing the “Gift Card” payment option or at all TIKETA box offices. Locations of the TIKETA box offices:

Lithuanian National Drama Theater at Gedimino Pr. 4 in Vilnius

Avia Solutions Group Arena at Ozo St. 14 in Vilnius

Cido Arena at Parko St. 12 in Panevėžys

Klaipėda Drama Theatre at Teatro St. 2 in Klaipėda

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